Things To Do In Edinburgh With Kids

Things To Do In Edinburgh With Kids

There are loads of fun-filled Things to Do in Edinburgh with Kids that will not only give them a chance to learn more about the attractions but also have a great time. You can choose to take them to the National Musuem of Scotland which is home to a wide range of antiques and relics from all over the world. You can explore the Dynamic Earth where your kids will get to learn about the history of the world as wellas encounter the first natural forces that moudled our planet. Taking a tour of the Musuem of Childhood, your kids will get intrigued by a wide range of toys and attractions. You can also take your kids to the botanical gardens where you can have a great time with your family by relaxing in the shades of the evergreen trees. Visiting Edinburgh Castle, you will be able to capture the stunning views of the cityscape as well as get to learn more about the history and heritage associated with the castle from the knowledgable tour guides. If you are wondering about things to Do in Edinburgh with Kids during your stay in Edinburgh, you will also get to visit the famous filming locations of the Harry Potter movie by JK Rowling.

Visit National Museum Of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland was established by act of parliament in 1985, merged into the National Museums of Scotland. The National Museum of Scotland has a wide variety of antiquities that collectively cover Scotland's history. It hosts a number of exhibitions of interest to people throughout the world and provides information about Scotland's whole history. Every age group, including kids, can benefit from the participatory features while indulging in this Things to Do in Edinburgh with Kids.

Explore Dynamic Earth

You are invited to travel through time with Dynamic Earth to learn about the history of the world. situated at the base of the magnificent Salisbury Crags in Edinburgh. It's unlike somewhere else on Earth to travel to Dynamic Earth. It's an opportunity to go through time and space, have a 4D Adventure throughout the Earth, and encounter the first natural forces that moulded our planet. You'll be starting an interactive things to do in Edinburgh with Kids that will last the entire planet's lifetime. Utilize the Deep Time Machine to travel back in time and see the big bang for yourself.

Visit Museum Of Childhood

You should take the whole family to this museum, especially if you have young children who will undoubtedly be intrigued by the variety of toys and games on display. Adults, on the other hand, will reminisce about some of these things as they read them. It is housed in two buildings, one on either side of the Royal Mile, and is one of the few museums in the entire world devoted to the history of childhood

Interact With Animals At Edinburgh Zoo

In the Corstorphine neighbourhood of Edinburgh, Scotland, there is an 82-acre non-profit zoological park called Edinburgh Zoo. After Edinburgh Castle, it is Scotland's most visited paid-for tourist attraction with over 600,000 annual visits. The zoo, in addition to serving visitors and residents, also actively participates in numerous conservation initiatives across the world and engages in numerous scientific endeavours, such as captive breeding of endangered species.

Explore Edinburgh Botanical Gardens

The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh is among the top botanical gardens in the world. The Garden offers beautiful views of the city's skyline, including Edinburgh Castle, and is a treat for the whole family. It is only one mile from the city centre. The garden's 72 acres of gorgeous, inspiring topography can be explored by guests, who can also learn about the garden's plantings and fascinating 350-year history. The famous Rock Garden, the tranquil Chinese Hillside, or a stroll among the towering Giant Redwood trees can all be enjoyed by visitors. Inverleith House, the Garden's exhibition space, is also open to tourists, making it one of the top things to do in Edinburgh with kids.

Go To Edinburgh Castle

The Edinburgh Castle, a majestic stronghold situated on the highest point of the city of Edinburgh, is the site of the Edinburgh Tattoo. It has been in use consistently for more than a millennium. The internationally renowned Edinburgh Castle serves as the city's symbol. It is the most popular tourist destination in Scotland and has a complicated past. While some of it was built in the 150s, the oldest portion dates back to the 12th century. After the First World War, the war memorial was constructed, completing the entire castle. Visitors have access to an audio tour option.

Enjoy At Camera Obscura And World Of Illusions

Enter Camera Obscura & World of Illusions to explore the unique illusionary setting and take in the expansive metropolitan views. Join a live, in-person city tour at the Camera Obscura that is displayed using reflections and daylight. Explore the magic gallery to see some of the most captivating exhibits and fascinating optical illusions. At the Eye Spy, use the cameras and mirrors to acquire a different viewpoint and a real-time view of yourself and the city. Immerse yourself in the Bewilderworld by becoming lost in the Mirror Maze, a confusing labyrinth of passageways.

Harry Potter Tour Edinburgh

Hogwarts may be a wonderful place, but many of the locations in Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands that appear in the Harry Potter books and films are quite true. The best methods to enjoy the Harry Potter magic in Scotland are listed here. Fans of Harry Potter may take a stroll through Edinburgh to view some of the filming locations as well as the areas that initially inspired author J.K. Rowling to create the magical universe. Visit some of Edinburgh's top sights while seeing the actual locations that inspired Diagon Alley, Tom Riddle's graveyard, and the gateway to Hogwarts.

Explore Holyrood Palace

With a pass to the Queen's official Scottish residence, you can explore the regal beauty of Edinburgh's Palace of Holyroodhouse complex. Discover the State Apartments, the Throne Room, and the historical quarters of Mary Queen of Scots. The Palace of Holyroodhouse sits at the end of Edinburgh's Royal Mile. Wander its splendid state chambers and lavish grounds.

Hop On Hop Off Edinburgh

The best way to hear commentary on major landmarks and enjoy a bird's-eye view of Edinburgh is on a bus tour. You can get on and off as often as you wish at a number of well arranged stops on this City Sightseeing tour of Edinburgh. Take the open-top, double-decker bus along the full journey or stop at locations like Edinburgh Castle and the National Museum. Buses run frequently, and tickets are good for 24 hours after initial usage.

Edinburgh Food Tour

It might be difficult to decide where to go in Edinburgh because there are so many great places to dine and drink. On this food and drink tour, leave the decision-making to the professionals. You will explore Scotland's culinary legacy and history in small groups while visiting five restaurants in the Old and New Towns, three of which feature drink tastings. The tour stops at three bars and restaurants for Scottish cuisine and drink tastes while seeing Edinburgh's New Town. The Mound, Prince Street Gardens, George Street, Queen Street, and Charlotte Square will all be included in the route

3 Bridges Tour edinburgh

On a boat tour which is considered to be one of the best Things to Do in Edinburgh with Kids, takes you to Inchcolm Island, which is home to both a mediaeval abbey and a population of sea lions and seals, you can get away from the city and visit some of Edinburgh's less well-known landmarks. You'll not only avoid the crowds on land but also get the greatest views of the renowned Three Bridges. Experience the Three Bridges, including the Forth Bridge, like you've never experienced them before. Enjoy stunning vistas of the Edinburgh skyline, Inchcolm Island, the old abbey, and marine life, such as puffins and seals.


What is the best time to visit Edinburgh Zoo?

The best time to visit Edinburgh Zoo would be around 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM as there would be less crowd and you will be able to enjoy the exploration tour. In the morning hours, the temperature would also be moderate which would make your tour comfortable.

Why is Edinburgh Castle so famous?

On top of a black basalt outcrop that was once an active volcano millions of years ago, Edinburgh Castle is a magnificent stronghold. The castle is well known among visitors because it provides breathtaking views of the city and its well-known tourist attractions. Also checkout Edinburgh attraction tickets to explore more.

What is Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh ?

A renowned tourist destination in Edinburgh, Dynamic Earth provides a thorough explanation of the processes that shape the Earth. It comprises a turret from the ancient town as well as a section of the southerly wall. You can explore the attractions, see the show dome films, participate in the augmented reality quiz, and explore Dynamic Earth for about two to three hours.

What is there to do in Edinburgh at night for kids?

  • Have a Ball at the Camera Obscura
  • Go On a Spooky Ghost Tour
  • Climb To The Top of Arthur’s Seat and Watch The Sunrise

Is Edinburgh suitable for kids?

Yes, Edinburgh is appropriate for children because it has many attractions where children may engage in activities and have a fantastic time. Harry Potter, the Edinburgh Zoo, the Museum of Childhood, and other attractions are among the most popular destinations for children in Edinburgh.


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