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About Camera Obscura Edinburgh

Enter inside a world full of illusions with the Camera Obscura Edinburgh tickets, and enjoy this perfect iconic entertainment center with friends and family. The Camera Obscura is one of the oldest entertainment centres in Edinburg and has been at the light for visitors since 1835. This attraction resides in one of the iconic buildings of six floors, nestled close to Edinburgh castle and is full of unlimited illusions and exhibitions that will make you go all bewildered.The original camera Obscura is a mysterious rooftop chamber where visitors will get to see live moving images of the beautiful city data projected on a viewing table via a giant periscope. This unique perspective that tourists enjoy of the beautiful city of Edinburg is accompanied by a 360° view of the city from the rooftop terrace. The building has six different floors of interactive attractions and experiences with head spinning illusions spread across each one of them. Visitors get to enjoy activities like the magical mirror maze, shrink through the amazing Ames room as if they are in Alice in Wonderland, the Vortex tunnel, and even walk on water without getting wet.

Book Camera Obscura Edinburgh Tickets Online

Booking the Camera Obscura Edinburgh tickets online is highly recommended as it lets you choose your preferred date to book your confirmed slot. When you book online tickets with us, be sure that you will save on the price as we keep on offering great deals and discounts to our customers. The online booking policy is also quite flexible and hassle free, as visitors do not have to stand in long queues at the tourist attraction. The Camera Obscura Edinburgh tickets also include access to the rooftop terrace which allows visitors to enjoy panoramic views of the beautiful city and its rustic charms.

Camera Obscura Edinburgh Highlights

  • The Camera Obscura has around 100+ exhibits for tourists to explore and enjoy during their visit to this wondrous attraction.
  • Join a live city tour that is shown in real time at the Camera Obscura through daylight and reflections.
  • Kids will love spending their time at the mirror maze and the Vortex tunnel along with other of the exciting play areas.
  • The Victorian Camera Obscura is still functioning well and provides for a unique image of the entire city via a giant periscope.
  • Tourists also get to enjoy panoramic views of the city from the rooftop terrace with its binocular platforms.
  • With the Camera Obscura Edinburgh tickets tourists of all ages, and especially families get to enjoy a perfect day out amidst fascinating illusions and unique experiences.

Attractions at Camera Obscura Edinburgh

Attractions at Camera Obscura Edinburgh


It is a unique and interactive area which lets you step into the collection of the most fun illusions that will make you go bewilder. Experience the magic of mirrors in the Magical mirror maze and try to keep your feet on the right side, down in the Vortex Tunnel.

Eye Spy Edinburgh

Eye Spy Edinburgh is a great inclusion in the Camera Obscura Edinburgh tickets that engage its visitors in a variety of things including bendy mirrors which will definitely tickle the funny bone in everyone. While the 3D cityscapes will allow you to see the world around in real time without actually being there, the Thermal Camera will let you watch your own heat energy.

Light Fantastic

The Light Fantastic is situated on the 4th floor and offers some of the most interactive and fun tricks and illusions to visitors. Visitors are fooled by the visup effects as they enter the Kaleido tunnel and proceed to the world of colors at the Color shadow wall. The highlight of this section is the Ames room, where visitors can feel like they are in the world of Alice in Wonderland - shrinking and growing in an instant.

Magic Gallery

The Magic Gallery houses some of the most fascinating exhibits and wondrous optical illusions which makes its visitors of all ages feel butterflies in their stomach. With the help of The Magic Gallery Plasma Tubes and Globes, you can make electricity/https://www. light dance on your fingertips.of the unique experience that Camera Obscura has to provide.

Rooftop Terrace

Situated high on the World Heritage Site is the rooftop terrace which offers visitors panoramic views of the city of Edinburgh. The terrace has binocular platforms that allow tourists to enjoy the view of the Royal Mile, Edinburgh castle, The Firth of Forth and more. The lenses go as far as the Fifi and Arthurs seat, allowing visitors to explore their favorite places from a distance.

Know Before You Go Camera Obscura Edinburg

Essential Information
  • Location:Castle hill, Royal mile, Edinburg, EH12ND

  • Timings:9 AM to 8 PM between Monday to Thursday9 AM to 9 PM between Friday and Sunday9 AM to 10 PM on Saturday

  • How to Reach:By bus: Visitors can take public bus numbers 23, 27, 41, 42 and 67 and get off at the stoppage of the George IV Bridge, which is at a walking distance of three minutes from the Camera Obscura. By Train: The nearest station to camera Obscura is the Edinburgh Waverley which is a 10 minutes walk from the attraction. Visitors will find regular trains scheduled to this train station. By Car: Hire a cab and come via Market St. to reach your destination within 7 minutes.

  • The history of the camera Obscura dates back to the 19th century when the telescope maker Thomas Short displayed his work on Calton Hill.
  • One of his largest telescopes was passed down to his daughter Maria who continued the exhibitions of her fathers works on Carlton hill.
  • However she was forced to relocate by Edenberg’s authorities in 1851 and she moved the collection to the present location.
  • Later on Patrick Geddes a Scottish urban planner and entrepreneur bought the building and its telescopes and renamed the site Outlook Tower.
  • After his death the Edenburg University took over the ownership and maintained the building for 16 years.
  • The building was then handed over to a private enterprise which transformed it into a world of illusion as we see today.

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Tips to visit Camera Obscura Edinburgh

  • The camera Obscura is located in the middle of Edinburg and therefore visitors can plan accordingly to visit surrounding iconic buildings and popular tourist attractions.
  • Visitors will find no cafes or restaurants at the camera Obscura but can visit the various delectable places open on the Royal mile.
  • Book your Camera Obscura Edinburgh tickets online in advance as the place tends to be very busy most days and you might have to wait in long queues.
  • Visitors should not leave minors unaccompanied as the magical mirrors, vortex Tunnel and other illusion experiences can be a bit too much for small children.


How much time will we need to explore Camera Obscura Edinburgh?

Visitors with Camera Obscura Edinburgh tickets need at least two to three hours to explore all the exhibits and illusions that are there on the 6 floors.

Do you need to book Camera Obscura Edinburgh Tickets In advance?

Visitors should definitely book their camera Obscura tickets online in advance as this is a popular tourist attraction and therefore there will be long queues awaiting them. Booking Edinburgh attraction tickets online also allows its visitors to save money with great deals and discounts applicable on the online price.

What is the Camera Obscura?

If put in simplest words, Camera Obscura is a dark room with a small hole in one wall. There is a chamber set up on a Victorian rooftop with a giant periscope that produces the image of the entire urban city of Edinburgh on a viewing table in the building of the attraction.

What would be the best time to visit Camera Obscura?

The best time to visit camera Obscura is before 11 AM and after 5 PM. Between 11 AM and 5 PM that popular tourist attraction gets the most crowded and visitors will have to endure long waiting lines. It is also advisable to visit the attractions during weekdays rather than the weekends as it gets crowded on the weekends.

What would be the opening hours for Camera Obscura?

The opening hours for camera Obscura are as follows:9 AM to 8 PM, Monday to Thursday 9 AM to 9 PM, Friday and Sunday9 AM to 10 PM, Saturday

Are Camera Obscura Edinburgh tickets fee same for everyone?

No, The Camera Obscura fee is not the same for everyone. While the adult prices for entering in this attraction is approximately 22 euro, the prices for kids is around 17 euros.


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