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Edinburgh Castle

By grabbing Edinburgh castle tickets lets you stroll through a historic castle of Edinburgh which stands at a rock hill that has been humanized since the iron age.The geography of the land along with the architectural and historical significance makes this castle one of the city's major tourist attractions. The castle is attractive to tourists across the world for multiple reasons and the top among them is that the castle actually stands on the reminiscence of an extinct volcano which is believed to have risen in the carboniferous period around some 350 million years ago. The world-famous Edinburgh castle was also home to numerous kings and queens for a longer period of time. The chapel you get to see in the castle was built by the son of Queen Margaret and even today services and other events like christening and weddings are carried out inside the chapel. There is a lot to explore and learn from the inside of Edinburgh Castle and so a visit to the same is nothing less than a spectacular experience. With over millions of visitors throughout the year, Edinburgh Castle tickets usually fall out and so it is always advised to plan your trip well advanced and book the required online.

Book Edinburgh Castle Tickets online

Booking Edinburgh Castle tickets is best booked online because that opens gates for many deals and attractive discounts. When booking online, it also saves you the hassle of standing in a long queue and waiting for your turn to come. Save your time by booking online and get early access to seasonal discounts.

Why Book Edinburgh Castle Tickets Online?

Book your Edinburgh castle tickets for guaranteed access and the best prices. Edinburgh Castle tickets usually get sold out way early and especially in the summer season. Booking Edinburgh Castle tickets online confirms your slot, and lets you explore through various offers and discounts, which in turn helps you to plan your trip wisely. With the provision for early access and increased convenience, it is wise to book your Edinburgh Castle tickets online.

Attractions at Edinburgh Castle

The Royal Apartments

The Royal Palace inside the fort is considered the royal apartment which was home to a large number of Monarchs and the Regalia of Scotland itself back then. This most popularly visited spot in the castle was also home to the crowned jewels and has also witnessed Scottish history over ages. The interior architecture and design of the royal palace are worth exploring along with the displays of historical royal family treasures.

Crown Jewels And The Stone Of Destiny

Upon visiting Edinburgh Castle you get to see the Crown of Jewels and the Stone of Destiny on the first floor of the royal palace. The "Stone of Scone" also known as the "Stone of Destiny" is of significant importance as it is upon this rock that the monarchs of Scotland get traditionally crowned. The Crown room in the royal palace takes you on a tour of the Scottish Royalty where you could check out the jewels and swords used by the Monarchs of those times and their specific cultural and historic references.

The Great Hall

The large hall of Edinburgh Castle, often addressed as the Great Hall is stunningly decorated with stained glands and weapons armor that portray Scottish history. King James IV constructed the Great Hall during his reign in 1512 and was supposed to home state banquets and conduct meetings of state affairs and posh royal ceremonies. The ever-noted hammer-beam roof was constructed with wood that was all the way shipped from Norway to Edinburgh. Little tiny details like these had gained recognition for ages for their historical relevance and cultural richness.

The Scottish National War Memorial

The Scottish National War Memorial was constructed in the year 1926 directly opposite the Great Hall in the Royal Palace of Edinburgh Castle. This newest addition to the castle respectfully commemorates the brave Scots who gave their soul and life to the two World Wars. The brilliant design and architecture of the Scottish National War memorial are inspired by the architecture of the Renaissance of Scotland.

St. Margaret’s Chapel

St.Margaret's Chapel is one of the oldest and still existing buildings in Edinburgh Castle. The construction period of the chapel dates back to the 12th century during the ruling period of King David I. The chapel was built in honor of his mother Queen Margaret and was initially used only by the monarchs, but today the Chapel still hosts religious services like christening and weddings. The Chapel's construction and architecture is considered to be the most simple with their own charm of minimalistic approach. With renovation and restoration work performed for ages, the chapel is now a popular tourist and wedding destination.

Know before you go

Essential Information

Location: Edinburgh Castle stands on castle rock at Castlehill Edinburgh (Scotland) EH1 2NG, UK

Timings: - From April to September: 9:30 am to 6 pm- From October to March: 9:30 am to 5 pm

How to reach: - By Air: Edinburgh Airport is within close reach and is well connected to the city through public mode of transport.- By Train: Waverly is the most famous and nearest train station in Edinburgh. The castle is just a few minutes' walk from the station.- By bus: 1. Airlink 100 express bus from the airport stops at the castle2. Local buses with "Mound or George IV Bridge" on their route stop at Edinburgh Castle.3. Hop-on-hop-off bus facilities to the Edinburgh castle are also available from the city center.

Best time to visit: It is best advised to visit during June-August (summer season) for good weather conditions. However, late spring and early autumn are also considered suitable times for visiting Edinburgh Castle

  • Watch closely the mesmerizing architecture of the Royal Palace
  • Get to see the Stone of Scotland in close vicinity
  • Walk around the prison of war
  • Visit the national war museum
  • Get to see the Scottish National war memorial, the newest addition to the castle
  • Stroll around the regimental museums and learn about the historic times
  • Walk into St.Margaret's chapel and admire the minimalist
  • architecture
  • Learn about half moon battery and Mons Meg
  • Stop by the magnificent one'o o'clock gun
  • Visit the great hall and be ready to get shocked by the architecture
  • Enjoy queen's embroidery and other honors of Scotland in close proximity

FAQs for Edinburgh Castle Tickets

Is there any shopping facility at Edinburgh Castle?

Yes, you can shop at Edinburgh Castle. Some of the finest whisky and food shops are open at the castle for you to take a quick sip and grab a bottle along with a tasty snack bite. Apart from that, there are shops for souvenirs, gifts and jewelry that are open to shop for some authentic Scottish products.

Do you need to book Edinburgh Castle Tickets In Advance?

Yes, it is suggested to plan your trip and book the tickets to the castle in advance for easy access, assured guarantee of visits, and saving time by skipping the queue. Usually, the castle falls out of tickets. Also booking online and prior helps you to grab some amazing offers and discounts on the tickets.

Why is Edinburgh Castle so famous?

Edinburgh Castle is famous as it is the world icon for Scotland. The castle had also been inscribed as one among the world heritage sites. With notable architecture, historic relevance, and cultural richness, Edinburgh Castle is also home to a lot of significant articles representing the back day Monarchs of Scotland. The Stone of Destiny, St.Margaret's chapel, the Scottish National war memorial, the Great wall are a few examples amongst plenty others. You can explore more attractions with Edinburgh attraction tickets.

Can we book Edinburgh castle tickets online?

Yes, Edinburgh Castle tickets can be booked online. By booking the tickets to Edinburgh Castle one you can skip long waiting hours, avail all the seasonal and early bird discounts. Also it enables you to plan and book transport provisions, book knowledge guide to not miss out on the major landmarks and moreover it guarantees your visit as often the Edinburgh Castle tickets fall out due to the heavy rush.

Are there any dining options at Edinburgh Castle?

Yes, there are a couple of dining options in Edinburgh castle. Great Whiskey and Authentic Scottish food and delicacies are served in the dining outlets. Dining outlets at Edinburgh Castle are one of the trusted places to experience the best Scottish cuisines.


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